Recovery and Resilliance

Is it Mindefullness related in any way with improvement of addictive behaviors?

This picture is taken by me in New Zealand in March 2016.  I was very fortunate to have a room by the Pacific Ocean. Every  early morning, a beautiful sun like on this pic would sneak into my room. What an excitement...but also peace and serenity.

How can you generate excitement in others?

Share with us if you believe that peace, grounding and serenity might help in recovery from addictive behaviors and mental health issues. Please, share what type of exercises were helping you...perhaps others would learn from you the value of self-awareness especially when anxiety, fears and panic overwhelms your life.

What ways of healing would you suggest to others?

Every one is different and is experiencing life distress in similar ways but never the same.  It is important to share your success stories so you could help others and become someone's Role Model...yes...your experiences may be saving lives of others.